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Are you asking yourself; where can I find professional pool table movers near me?, Perhaps you need to move or service a pool table? Look no further!

  • Professional and experienced services by Peoria SOLO® Pool Table Movers
  • Guaranteed by a national organization

We are the only organization in the industry that offers 7 days per week support for our customers with the most technologically advanced systems in use today. Call our pool table movers to get your free quote to move your pool table or if you only have general questions. Your satisfaction is what has made us the largest and most professional company in the industry.

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Experienced Pool Table Movers in Peoria

Moving your pool table with the SOLO® Pool Table Movers of Peoria includes professional tear down, transportation with expert leveling, and installation of the existing pool tablecloth.

Our trained pool table movers use only the proper specialty tools when servicing your table to ensure the highest level of quality.

When servicing beautiful pieces of furniture which in some cases are antiques or have been in your family for generations you want the best possible service.

We ensure the highest level of quality for all services provided!

Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables. Looking for a pool table? Check our classifieds for local pool tables for sale.

In case you’re not in Peoria and are asking yourself the question; where can I hire experienced pool table movers near me? We have good news for you! We also provide pool table services and repairs in Kewanee, Putnam, Oglesby, Bloomington, Pekin, Canton, Galesburg, Mackinaw, Glasford, Bartonville, Bellevue, Dunlap, Princeville, Washburn, and surrounding areas.

Why should you use qualified pool table movers?

We take pride in providing professional pool table moves with the backing of an exclusive 1-Year service guarantee. This covers the workmanship of our pool table movers for a whole year after the service is complete.

The leveling of your billiard table is one of the main factors in delivering an optimum playing experience. However, the floor where the billiard table has been set up or the weight of the table itself could cause settling, thus making the table go out of level.

We mention this because, if this ever occurs, you need not worry. Our professional pool table installations service is protected under our exclusive guarantee and if any installation or leveling issues occur within a year after service. We will come back and fix those issues at completely no charge.

We are the only pool table movers organization in the area that offers 7-day per week support for our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority and it has made us the largest and most reliable billiard service company in the industry.

One such specialty tool is a machinist level which is used to achieve precise leveling on all pool table installations, a beeswax mixed with resin compound for filling in holes and seams and composite wood shims that are moisture-resistant and don’t compress as easily as traditional cedar shims.

We also handle expert pool table recovering using new felt if you desire for an additional cost. If you’re getting a used pool table and want to get the most out of it, we advise that you replace the existing cloth.

This is actually the best time to take care of this service and most customers take the opportunity to have this service taken care of during the pool table setup.

Please note that we provide professional disassembly and in most cases, our expert pool table movers can salvage the existing cloth if in good condition. This means that if you are happy with the current pool table felt we can reuse it. We handle everything from start to finish.

Peoria Pool Table Installers SOLO® Billiard Services

The SOLO® Pool Table Installers offers exclusive billiard table services. We are the only company in Peoria that backs up our workmanship and materials with a written guarantee for one year.

This guarantee is issued by the only National Organization that regulates service standards and practices in our industry.

Our team of trained pool table installers has set up thousands of pool tables in the past 8 years and has over 20 years of experience doing it. We take pride in every pool table that we set up, install and recover.

We offer additional services such as moving a pool table when you get your room re-carpeted, we will disassemble the pool table and move it to another room to come back another day and install it. Perhaps you are moving to a different city, we can disassemble the table only.

Our pool table installers can also disassemble and move your pool table into storage. If you need to take care of a pool table repair, our team of expert pool table installers can definitely help!

As Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, all of our pool table installers are well-trained in our area of expertise.

Qualified pool table installers with the skill to handle your pool table service need

The SOLO® Pool Table Installers offers a wide variety of pool table services which include the following:

  • Break down and move to storage
  • Pool table assembly of a user or a brand-new table
  • Expert pool table refelting of an already setup table
  • Replacing pool table cushion rubbers.

Our team of pool table installers moves pool tables from house or house and we service local businesses also. Be careful of people who are cheap and claim a lot of experience, this in itself is a red flag. As a conscious consumer, we advise that you consider using a company backed by the only organization representing the billiard installation and service industry.

Refelting your pool table

Experienced pool table installers recommend replacing the pool table felt with new material at the time of assembly.

We offer two options of pool table felt in several colors to match your decorative needs.

Standard felt and tournament worsted material for the more serious player, if you want your billiard investment to play to its maximum potential, go with the pro tournament felt!

Our customers can choose from over 30 different colors of pool table felt and we use the highest quality pool tablecloth the industry has to offer at this time.

Our written guarantee covers the cloth we provide against tears or rips for a whole year! Our professional pool table installers work with standard woolen pool table cloth and tournament-grade worsted materials as well.

We can replace the felt on a pool table that is already set up and playable. For both scenarios we have to know a few days in advance to be prepared with all the materials and equipment needed for the task.

Pool Table Repair

Is your pool table in need of any repairs? Perhaps the pockets need replacement or the rail cushions are dead. Let our certified pool table movers know the specifics and we can definitely take care of your pool table repair. We may request a picture to better evaluate the situation.

Moves to Storage

We will break down your table or move it from storage facilities, your garage or just another room in the house. If you need carpet laid do not take the risk of damaging or hurting yourself!

Let our team of skilled pool table movers handle that 800-pound monster for you. Taking the table out of storage?  We can expertly install the pool table for you.

If this is your first pool table, be sure to check out our pool table sizes chart to determine which size will be a better fit for your game room also considering the other furniture you already have in the room.

Additional Pool Table Services That We Offer…

  • Disassemble a 3-piece slate pool table and move it to storage
  • Disassemble a 3-piece slate pool table, take it outside to storage or moving truck
  • Pick up pool table from storage, deliver and install
  • Move a pool table for reflooring. 3-piece slate. Requires two appointments
  • Move a pool table to storage and then into a house. 3-piece slate. Two appointments
  • Disassemble a pool table that is 3 piece slate and reassemble it in a different room

Our team of pool table installers needs to know particulars about your table and the circumstances of the service in order to provide a quote and be prepared for the job.

Such as the size of the playfield area, the number of slates, pocket build, whether it is an antique or modern style, and if there are any stairs to go up or down.

The particulars mentioned above will also help in providing you with a price for the service. The SOLO® Pool Table Movers knows that the price for any service needed is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to moving forward with the service.

With that in mind, we recommend that you go over a few details that we put together. the information details the price and costs to move a pool table technicalities and we hope that it will clarify any doubt so that you can make an informed decision.

There may be other details that our pool table installers need to know depending on the type of pool table you have. Please call in at your earliest convenience if you’re working with a deadline or need the service done ASAP.

If you want to refelt your table with new cloth at the time of installation, please contact us as soon as you can. The reason is that we need to verify a few particulars to ensure we are prepared.

Our schedule fills up quickly and we need to iron out the details to have all the necessary materials to complete the job.

Give us a call or send us a message below. We’ll answer as soon as possible.

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